Prince Agbugba, (Ukaegbu).

Is always commendable to invest in manufacturing, but we must invest smart to create jobs and revenue and not for prestige or political capital. I do not see refurbishing an old industry with cash needed for 21st century manufacturing as the future.

I know is difficult to question investment’s judgement call in Nigeria without being called anti-Biafra, anti-Hausa/Fulani, anti-Yoruba etc., but I don’t give a damn any more, because I owe it to myself to be true to myself.


Glass is made from sand(silica) mixed with soda ash and limestone and burned at temperature 1700° C . The energy you need to make a 1000 tons of glass from virgin raw material, will be enough to power thousands of homes at say 500 kW threshold per home per year.

The 21st Century Engineering alternative:

Aba city generates estimated 4 000 tons of MSW per day and 4% of the waste stream is glass. That is about 58 400 tons of glass waste per year.

If you collect, sort , process and granule the recovered glass into cullets (crushed glass), you can make new glass from the cullets and use 10% of the energy needed to make new glass from virgin minerals. In this process you will create 4 times more jobs, save energy 90%, protect the environment and save carbon-dioxide (CO2) emission.


Prince Agbugba
Reverse Logistic Engineer
CEO German-Netz


Photo Source: John Okiyi Kalu