This is to inform all the good hearted people of Igbere and the well wishers of Igbere about the dilapidated and lamentable condition of our only Igbere secondary school built by our fathers with their hard-earned money and the people of Igbere worked so hard to see that Igbere community built secondary school for their children but today the poor state of these institutions which should serve as a beacon of hope for our young generation of Igbere children to achieve their academic pursuit are in a pitiable conditions.

Many of those of our fathers Who worked so hard to build this institutions are no more alive today and what they left in our hands are in a rickety and rattletrap situation and uncondusive learning place for Igbere Children as against the dreams of our fathers who built these schools and some of them are still alive today but no more strength for them again and they are watching us to uphold their dreams for Igbere secondary school.

Therefore some steps has been initiated by the International President of Igbere Ministers Forum Rev. Dickson Ifeanyi Samuel after some consultations with the members of the I.M.G.F has set up:


15 members committee for RENOVATION AND RESTORATION PROJECT OF IGBERE SECONDARY SCHOOL AND EZI-IGBERE SECONDARY SCHOOL. They are people of integrity, honorable characters, and qualities of honesty. They are:
1) Prof. Michael Ijioma.
2) Prof. Ogwo E. Ogwo.
3) Engineer Ndukwe Uche.
4) Engineer Michael Awa.
5) Engineer N. Okorie.
6) Dr. Uko Igbokwe.
7) Rev. Mrs Ifeoma Agu.
8) Rev. Dickson Akachukwu.
9) Rev. Mbonu Johnson.
10) Rev. N.N. Eme.
11) Rev. John O. Agu.
12) Rev. S. K. Okocha.
13) Elder Ekeoma D. Uche.
14) Elder O. E. Ukaegbu.
15) Mr. Chinedu Obike.

By the grace of God we the Igbere Ministers have prayerfully chosen these people to pioneer and monitor every steps of this project. The committee is expected to carry out the following:
A). To undertake an on spot inspection and assessment of the school ascertain the state of the school.
B). To articulate the extent of Damage and evaluate the estimate work/ cost of the needful renovations.
C). To interact with the school authorities to ascertain other areas of challenges or needs. affecting the school and possible steps that will result in the general upgrade of the schools.
D). To supervise the progress of the work till it is delivered.
E). To contact and coopt persons whose professional skills or material contributions can enhance the achievement of these objectives.


NOTE. Also another Seven (7) members Committee has been set up
with the following assignment:
A). To help package and organize Fund-raising Luncheon event for December 26th , 2016 at Igbere.
B). To open a bank account for the purpose of this project.
C). This committee shall issue receipts to everyone who gives any donation for the project and to publish whatsoever that comes into the account every month.

The members of this committee are:
1) Rev. Dickson Ifeanyi. Samuel The International President Igbere Ministers Global Forum.
2) The Vice-President Dr. ikwuagwu Bassey.
3) Rev, Ejibe Ogbonnaya Eme.
4) Rev. Mrs Ifeoma Agu.
5) Rev. Preiz Imo.
6) Dickson Akachukwu.
7) Rev, Madukwe Uguru.

NOTE: These two committees have moved into action immediately in less than two weeks from now we shall be having the total cost of these projects and the account shall be open as well.

We are asking all Igbere Indigenes and well wishers to join us in prayers, ideas and contributions to uphold the dignity of Igbere Secondary School. The dreams of our fathers shall not die in Jesus name. Amen.

God Bless Igbere Ebiri !
God Bless you all In Jesus Mighty name!

Rev. Dickson Ifeanyi Samuel

The International President of Igbere Ministers Global Forum
For I.M.G.F.