By Nd Uche

I was recently named to a committee to salvage the secondary school built over 30 years ago by an Age Grade in my village, Igbere.

So I had to go see the place while I can.

I had seen some pictures showing the embarrassing state of dilapidation the school had fallen into. But those pictures did not prepare me for the horror that awaits there.

We probably can explain the serious rot of the parts of the school that are 30+ years old.

What really shook my hopes for a sane society can be seen in the few pictures I have chosen to share here.

The first picture says it all: this is a block of six classrooms “renovated” by government just six years ago. So, government did not entirely abandon the place.

Look at what is supposed to be floors: just a pile of dusty sand. What you have beneath the sand is mostly pure earth. No proper floor was ever delivered.

Look at the ceilings. They are soaked in many places (the roof is a sieve). And they sag. The rafters are gone.

Look at the Windows. They have been blown out.

Students actually used these classrooms today. Students of the senior classes.
The junior students are using other older classrooms that are in even worse state.

Some contractor renovated these blocks less than six years ago and probably renovated enough money out of it to build himself a solid fancy mansion plus a great car and more. That contractor is probably living it up right now while his handiwork falls down.

If this isn’t criminal, what is?

Building so badly is far worse than not building at all.

I can’t share here the unprintable comments the students I met made about the conditions under which they have to learn after both the community and the government had invested so much in this place.